Planning approval has been granted for re-building Westview Cottage, situated in the unique setting of Dungeness Beach, designated Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Situated on the edge of the Dungeness Estate, the existing cottage has the benefit of the longest uninterrupted view down to the lighthouse of all properties in the surrounding area but oddly does not enjoy the opportunity of the uninterrupted view to the West of the cottage.


Whilst we re-thought the existing configuration, we were challenged by our clients to create a modern reinterpretation of the heavily decaying property that is both sustainable and aesthetically in keeping with the bleak beauty of Dungeness, responding to the internationally important wildlife in the area with 600 species of plants and being the third most biodiverse site in the UK for its insects.


Proposals follow the exact form and footprint of the existing property, using shot-blasted timber, Corten Steel and corrugated cladding to echo the form of the existing building while complimenting the characteristics of the diverse buildings in the area. Derelict existing sheds are re-purposed into dining and kitchen spaces, integrated into the main living area reconnecting the original structures.

Native vegetation grown on the ground, walls and roof of the building, combined with stone steps acting as a natural pathway access to the building, connects the building directly and without any disruptions with the surrounding environment.


For Hollaway Studio and the clients, this reinterpretation of Westview Cottage is an opportunity to reassess the existing structure and create something with a strong aesthetic and functionality, positioned more harmoniously within the unique landscape adding to the already eclectic architectural legacy of Dungeness.